Jo Roszkowski COMPASS

Jo Roszkowski

Title: 58 D2
Medium: Fineliner on tracing paper, silk paper, machine embroidery on cotton digital print, laminated image transfer, botanical print on watercolour paper, collage, monoprint, acrylic block frame.
Dimensions: 240mm H x 450mm L x 50mm D
Price: $385 AUD

Memories of sitting in a hot car trying to fold up a huge paper map following the lines of folds for clues. Learning to drive and navigating using a heavy book called the Melways; Map 58 comes to mind. Weather systems across the Tasman; emotional climate change. How do you belong in a hot, dry continent when everything in your DNA screams Northern Hemisphere? How do I acknowledge the tracks of indigenous people on my idea of a map? This multi-layered, multimedia piece references all this and the ambivalence to a sense of place, with a sculptural element giving form, stability and focus to one central element of the work – where am I?

About Jo:
Jo Roszkowski works in a variety of media including ceramics, textiles, encaustic, mixed media and painting. As with all of her creative output, Jo’s current work is inspired by the forms, colours and textures of nature, in particular the unseen layers and the ephemeral details that form the greater universe. The ongoing engagement with these elements and the immediacy of the technique attempts to evoke the changing nature of the natural world while providing homage to the fleeting passage of seasonal and generational change.