Helen Rossiter Garden

Helen Rossiter

Title: Swan Child
Medium: Drawing printed on linen
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 120 EUR

A drawing of my daughter Ella as the Swan Child Fionnuala from the Irish legend the Children of Lir. Printed on to linen. This is part of a larger body of work where Ella wears the Swan Cape of Protection and walks in to the sea. The cape is handmade from raw silk fibre, feathers and embroidery. A short accompanying video is filmed at our local beach in County Cork, Ireland.

Visual artist living in Ireland, with experience in various creative processes including fashion, fine art and silversmithing. Ever curious to learn new ways to explore and express my inner stories and our collective connections.
I have been creating for 36 years, starting with life drawing in Manorbier Castle in my previous home of Wales. Before making my home in Ireland I worked for a art conservationist restoring oil paintings. I seem to live somewhere between the past and the present enjoying that parallel and the richness of knowledge of old techniques combined with new digital technologies. I sometimes make my own pigments from ochre I find on the beach and paints using medieval techniques and simultaneously use digital drawing to create a piece of work.
My work has been exhibited and sold in UK and Ireland.