Helen Crabb

Helen Crabb (Australia)

Title: Metamorphosis
Medium: Textile: Photography & Mixed Media
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$250

Resembling a shroud fragment this image captures “death” emerging from the fabric. Is it bursting full of life or metamorphosing into a butterfly? This is a photographic image, digitally manipulated and printed onto textile, distressed and embellished with stitch and a handcrafted copper butterfly. The fragments of our lives are represented by the unraveling of the fabric, with the stitches holding our life story together and connecting us between the here and now, the past and future. The butterfly is a metaphor for rebirth, transformation, hope and life..

As an emerging “maker” my work explores the use of photography and textiles as a creative medium. I handcraft props and sets for the creation of stillife works that I capture digitally. I am currently exploring alternative methods of turning the intangible into the tangible via textiles, hand stitching and found and repurposed objects as part of my practice. My current explorations examine the taboo of death and our response to this from a western perspective where a frank and forthright discussion of this topic is frequently ignored and so the celebration of a life well lived is dismissed.