Helen Braun

Helen Braun-

Title : swimming in the stream

Medium: mono print, snipped

Price : AUD 190

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

A mono print of a large tropical leaf became the basis for this work where the tip tickles the Robert E Lee memorial and the tail sweeps down to the inward and outward flowing traffic. Drawing with scissors, whilst referencing the image I started snipping. What emerged seemed to possess aquatic qualities with a sense of direction. It appeared to be jumping and swimming as it flowed from my scissors; now more static as it quietly floats, nose upstream.

About Helen:

The ephemeral and transient cycles of nature are core to my inspiration of making. This involves exploring the abstract relationships between nature, science and art with a strong conceptual approach.

I use acquired materials, discarded, donated, repurposed and reused in various works, in particular, ex-laboratory ware, fine wax paper and black papers which feature strongly in my work where I also incorporate print making techniques. These most often evolve into 3D works, small pieces which may stand alone, or become elements relating to other works, or be included as part of much larger installations. At times, I also make very small ceramic works of a similar connected language.

Nature is not apart from human kind; we are interconnected at every single juncture and point of being. With this forefront to my thinking and research, I attempt to present possible aspects of this within my artworks, there being but a tiny hope, it may encourage some small degree of expansiveness through the humble little windows of my makings.