Giuseppe Satriani

Giuseppe Satriani-

Title : Start Over Again

Medium: Intervened Digital Photography

Price : EUR 250

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

The initial image portrays a Hindu priest blowing into a conch shell on an altar dedicated to Shiva in Trinidad and Tobago.
How has the Hindu religion arrived in T&T, given that it is about 14,000 km from India? It was in 1845. The British government allowed the colonists to import labor from India. Despite they got 33% of the island’s population, they have always been considered second-class citizens.

Shiva is one of the important gods in Hinduism, capable of creating or destroying whatever. Shiva represents destruction and transformation because has the ability to recreate from death. Destruction is therefore the state prior to and necessary for regeneration. This concept is what I tried to represent in my work.

These are the steps I made to create my work:
• Creation of a digital collage with the magazine’s image and a set of flowers images belonging to my Florilegio series: I have thus recreated what happens in a Hindu ceremony in which the altar is flooded with candles, flowers, incense, songs, music.
• I have printed this collage on photographic paper and frozen it under a subtle stage of water.
• I deliberately took the frozen photo abruptly to cause some breakages.
• I put the photo still frozen on a light table and I have photographed that ephemeral moment in which the melting of the ice created a sensation of return to life and therefore of transformation

The result is a 60cmx46cm image printed in Hahnemulhe Photorag 310grs

About Giuseppe:

I’m a curious of life with idealistic tendencies and a fighter.

Someone who believes that shadows are the necessary contrast to enhance the light
Someone who always tries to keep aligned what he lives with what he feels
Someone who cultivates fragility as a tool to go beyond
Someone who thinks that any image has value only if it sees the light

My art is mainly based on photography event though I like to mix it with different other types of interventions both digital and manual. The purpose is to communicate introspection, silence, solitude, essentiality, slowness, beauty, fragility and joy.

I was born in Potenza, a small town in a small but fascinating region (Basilicata) in the South of Italy. I moved several years ago to Bilbao, where I work as an IT consultant.
Passionate and self-taught photographer, I manage a blog on photography and visual arts: I have been a coolhunter at Future Concept Lab. Active member in artistic communities such as: ArtLimited, ArtAviso, 1X. Contributor to Dodho Magazine: