Giuseppe Satriani

Giuseppe Satriani (Spain)

Title: Hands in the dough
Medium: Digital Photography and audio-poetry
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 60 EUR

When I read the description associated with “The Garden of Loss & Triumph” project, I immediately knew what my artwork would have been.
The fact that the linen is linked to home, reminded me of my mother and her ingenious creativity in the kitchen that has strongly influenced my taste, not only culinary.
My intention with this artwork is on the one hand to make a tribute to my mother and on the other hand to represent that warm welcome that the good doing of my mother in her kitchen has always given us and which represented for me the image of family safety, made of perseverance and resilience.
The artwork consists of 4 digital photographs imprinted on linen that show my mother’s hands as they prepare a typical Christmas cake from southern Italy and an audio-poem, written and recorded for her.

Link to Audio poem HERE

I am a curious of life with idealistic tendencies and a fighter. Someone who believes that shadows are the necessary contrast to enhance the light. Someone who always tries to keep aligned what he lives with what he feels. I am a lover of nature, of silence, of landscapes (rural and urban) and of beauty hidden in small things.
Consequently, I would like my photography to evoke introspection, silence, solitude, essentiality, beauty, fragility and joy.