Fay Valcanis COMPASS

Fay Valcanis

Title: Flight Path
Medium: Collage paper
Dimensions: 60x45cm
Price: $590 AUD

Collage using car road atlas/ directory maps that are re-purposed to create this 2D. Referencing MC Esher’s tessellation of fish this work has been created using maps / road atlases. The form of a planes is used in a tessellated pattern and repeated with various maps and the colors and patterns within.

Road Atlases were once the main form of navigation and orientation, travelling from one point to another via car. Used to plan trips and navigate in daily life. The provided the compass of road travel. Now obsolete I have re-purposed these atlases in my art work.

About Fay:
Exploring our connection to the natural or man-made world through print, collage, paint or sculpture. I enjoy repurposing materials to create new works. I have been exploring travel maps in my currently practise, with to print onto, as a medium for soft sculpture or collage. The colors, textures and print form an interesting base on which my work is built from. Sometimes the maps connect to the image to tell the story, other times they are the base on which work is built from.