Fatima Fletcher COMPASS

Fatima Fletcher

Title: Feels Like North to Me
Medium: video mp4
Dimensions: 3 minutes 50 seconds
Price: POA

This film is about the magnetic pull that some places can have together with the loss of true orientation that familiarity can bring. Based upon South Bay in Scarborough UK and Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas GC it uses postcard like painted imagery of equivalents from each place, magnets and iron filings and compasses both accurate and inaccurate. These two bays are where I spend most of my life and their similarities are uncanny. Most bizarre is that when I face the headlands of both beaches it feels that I am facing North but actually one is facing South, it is a kind of experiential illusion that I feel at home with.

About  Fatima:
In my art I use different materials – drawing, painting, video and photography. I also reference different times and periods in history merging past, present and imagining what is to come. Things and people and events around me are all influences .During 2023 I have been making short video pieces for festivals and developing my idea of video landscapes.