Elsewhere & Other Places

Elsewhere & Other Places…

When you really just want to be somewhere else … real or imagined actual or constructed. factual or fictitious. When we need to escape the real world and creativity is the perfect escape hatch.

Elsewhere & Other Places … (Online Exhibition & Prize – Winner announced August 30 2021).

Giuseppe Satriani
Marion De Boer
Julian Di Martino
Maria Lopes
Ash Coates
Russell Curr
Melissa Stewart
Mariona Clavé
Karen Standke
Iratxe Yarritu C.
Winner (Main Prize) A+B Projects
Jack Lee
Tracy Davidson
Annie Burns
Naomi Bishop
Fatima Fletcher
Phil Scott
Kirstie Tebbs
Ksenia Bisti
Séverine Bourgeois
Martine Lemarchand

Art Aviso would like to Thank our guest judge Hayley Haynes for her time, assistance and consideration in judging this prize.

About the winning work Hayley said: “I thought this was a really special collaboration and I felt privileged to experience it. The artist’s considered responses to each other’s work, complemented by the incorporation of their daily chat demonstrates the intimacy that can remain (and continue to develop) despite distances. This work is a beautiful record of a shared time that highlights the importance of staying connected and the ways in which creativity can support this.”

(Hayley is a dedicated arts professional with over 10 years of experience managing exhibitions and events both in Melbourne and London.  She is current Director of No Vacancy Gallery, offering a platform for artists and creators at all stages of their careers. Prior to this, she was invited to establish a gallery within the Vaults, a multi-arts venue located beneath London’s Waterloo Station. Hayley loves working with artists to bring their projects to life and is excited about engaging broader audiences with contemporary art in new ways to strengthen communities.)