Elementor #20636

(1137) Susan Elizabeth Wilson – Letters of the Alphabet C-H p118

About this Artwork

Using a collage of the original page provided by the Door to Door project Initially I ‘riffed’ on the subject matter making sketches and collages from prints. I then responded to the initial mark making to develop a richly textured abstract image using acrylic on watercolour paper. My aim was to use the page as a prompt to develop a unique abstract piece.

About Susan

Ideally I would be a nomad: for me, the journey is as interesting and important as the destination and making paintings is a journey of discovery. The process of painting, drawing, collage provides me with clues as to the direction I could take, gives rise to the unexpected and eventually allows a composition to emerge. Working on several pieces at one time, repeatedly obliterating and building previous layers, painting is an iterative process as I excavate an intriguing and provocative memory. I never know what the final picture will look like, it’s always a struggle, I’m surprised to see it surface and I’m exhilarated when it’s complete.
I studied Fine Art at Fylde College and The University of South West of England which provided me with a strong foundation for my working life. In addition to my painting practice I have worked extensively in education, community, participatory and collaborative arts. I enjoy collaborative practice and I am a founder member of Abstractionistas Collective and a member of Spilt Milk Collective.

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