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(1129) Pascal STuTZ – The Earths Tale Told by Rocks and by the Halley’s Comet

About this Artwork

”Times passes,
humans wiggle.” The Earths Tale Told by Rocks and by the Halley’s Comet
The board of the encyclopedia which was sent to me, inspired me immediately this image.
In my artistic research I carry out a work of archaeologist of human memory through the ages.
So when I discovered the document that was sent to me, I decided to take it back as it was, adding to it the tail of the comet that would have kept the memory of basic human activity, that allowed it to develop! It’s about love and eternity.
I used the graphite pencil for rubbing a piece of lace (rendering of the comet) and the coloured pencils for the landscape. It’s a technique I really appreciate.
It gives me a lot of freedom and I take the time to draw while meditating on the subject I represent. It is a very rich moment for me.

« Just as the archaeologist explores the ”soil archives”, the work of Pascal STuTZ opens the doors of Time and of a true archaeology of memory, of ours, but also of that of the universe. » Bernadette Schnitzler, curator, Archaeological Museum, Strasbourg

About Pascal

Trough his ”2061lacomète” project, the artist Pascal STuTZ takes an interest in humans by finding memories of their activitys that Halley’s Comet has stored in its tail during its multiple passages near the Planet Earth.

” Pascal STuTZ graphically appropriates the poetics of the sublime celestial apparition.On its dark planks its hair thickens like the skin of a prehistoric animal evoking to the stellar memory the events that concern us here, now.
Layered layers, printed testimonies, the artist materializes the body of the comet from the rubbing.
Just as the archaeologist rubs the stone to restore the time-erased detail, Pascal STUTZ rubs a piece of lace to question the abstract hair of the comet.
He draw her tirelessly.

The artist’s eye looks into itself. » And through the slow work of drawing, what he discovers joins the cosmos.
 In art, on paper, the truth emerges from his enigmas. »
Iléana Cornéa, art critic, December 2020

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Pascal was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The story of the World in the days of long ago.
The Earths tale told by Rocks.