Elementor #20294

(1123) Iris Koffijberg – FUBAR (Military term for Fucked Up Beyond All Repair) (The Netherlands)

About this Artwork

How beautiful would it be if we could turn back the climate change. If every geographical term ever conceived, would keep the same meaning. But do you really think that’s possible? I’m hesitant about men’s willingness to make a difference, to pare down. In my darkest thoughts we’re already too late and there’s no escaping that we’ll ruin our planet. There will be people with money and power left, who will search the galaxy for a new home, but it will never be as friendly, beautiful and livable as where we are now. 

My piece is created of water photographs I made during lockdown in walking distance of my home of puddles and ditches. The colours of the water are there because of the iron bacteria in the water. This is a natural phenomena. It is a sign of seepage, groundwater bubbling up. The total piece exists of three pages of encyclopedia.

About Iris

Iris Koffijberg (1970) is a natural abstract water photographer, based in a small village in the middle of a national park in Holland. “My water photography doesn’t reflect the real world but transforms it to another imaginary place. Water is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and fascination. Current, season, substance, density, sun, time and wind cause a continuous change of the image that I am trying to capture. If I am in the right place at the right time, it is magical. As if a gate opens to another temporary world. New patterns, landscapes and beings that come to existence by the grace of that moment. Through water I found my own way of looking at the world and a way to express my feelings. So I can see when it’s busy in my head, when I’m out of balance, when I struggle, when I’m trying to escape my daily life. They’re like repeating themes. Most of my singular photos are not edited. They stay like I found them in nature. It’s my way of showing what a beautiful and unexpected variation water has to offer.

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Iris was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
The first Steps in Geography.
Geographical Terms- plate 3