Elementor #20281

(1034) Claudia Matoos – STAY AT HOME IN 2020

About this Artwork

Receiving the theme related to bees was very motivating! The social organization of the bees appeared as a metaphor to create this drawing. They do essential work and return home to do other fundamental tasks. This artwork “STAY AT HOME IN 2020” establishes a “Connection” between the “modus vivendi” of bees and at this moment when Covid-19 demands us to stay at home, to do only the essentials, to work at home and to help each other. Cooperation.
So I created my drawing with watercolor, graphite and color pencils. The colors in black and white, refer to the environment of isolation inside the house. The exterior, where life pulses vibrantly, presents the honeycomb’s tonalities. A few people appear in this artwork confined at home, young people, adults, elderly people and a child, in an attempt to represent human diversity. I pay homage to the Brazilian Indigenous Cacique Raoni Metuktire, leader of the Caiapó ethnic group, an icon of the struggle for the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest, and at the center, a black man, representing the Brazilian quilombola communities. The indigenous and quilombola communities face numerous challenges at this time of the pandemic. The whole world in its diversity needs to act to preserve the lives of all, without exception, including especially the most vulnerable minorities.In this drawing, bees interact and are integrated with human beings. They are an example of what is fundamental to the preservation of life. Stay at home.

About Claudia

Ever since I was little girl I felt like I was an artist, because of the way I observed and thought about the world. I started with classical ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary dance. My life breathed in dance and with ballet shoes came pencils and brushes to be my faithful and definitive companions.
In my work, as an artist, I have been making paintings, drawings, photographs and installations. In 2013, I developed a personal project “Art & Territory Project” in which I dedicated myself to research, constant observation of nature and landscape. This work started from the concept of “Connections” which sought to reflect on the relationships between man and the surrounding landscape. This trajectory allowed me to elaborate several reflections on these interactions with nature and the absence of the contemporary human being in the natural environment. My paintings explored other environments, such as the connections between human beings and virtual spaces. I ask myself: are we really connected? Are we connected with nature? Are we connected with ourselves and with others? Actually, with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the virtual environment is strengthened and these new Connection platforms have became fundamental for contact and work at home. This emphasis has enabled a new form of relationship, survival and interaction in times of social isolation. This crisis is a fertile field for artistic creativity and my drawing “STAY AT HOME IN 2020” seeks to reflect our time. Art is always revealing.

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Claudia was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The marvels of insect life
The comb of the Honeybee