Elementor #20213

(1141) Corry Zwart – flowers made of heaven’s sky (Netherlands)

About this Artwork

“flowers made of heaven’s sky” This is a very close up from a Delphinium.
the flowers have been in bloom for a while, some colors become deeper, others fade. Small brown edges become visible, the beauty of the first decay ….. This is the moment when I probably prefer to photograph many types of flowers and plants When you zoom in on a flower like this, a whole new world is unfolding. I try to paint with photography.
This photo I took in my garden on a day with typical Dutch weather, the sun was hiding behind the clouds wich gave a beautful soft light. Often it is mainly the colors of the flower that fascinate me but in case of Delphinium it is certainly also the shape. Where most flowers are like a sun on top of their stems the flowers of the Delphinium hang together like small caps from their central stem. I so love them.

About Corry

My work is always evolving and all works are based on a philosophy. The photos that I am taking now are, for example, a continuation of the jewelry I made from flowers and plants and these are again a continuation of sustainability works such as the dress of brand labels and the statue of plastic dolls. With the sustainability works I voiced my criticism of society. But because criticism was just too easy for me, I started making the jewelry, I wanted to show how much beauty can be found in nature. A piece of jewelry is a valuable gem with which we make ourselves more beautiful and nature is the perfect place to find these gems, look at the beautiful jewelry of natural tribes! Yet I noticed that not all my spectators, in this fast and busy world, saw just the same that I saw in my jewelry and that’s why I started photographing and enlarging the details wich I find so beautiful. The next step is already applying, where I first criticized, then wanted to show the beauty, I am now working on a series that shows the emptiness that stays behind when we destroy nature the way we do. How much can we do without? But that is still a ’work in progress’.

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Corry was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The Wonders of Plant Life in Forest,Field and Garden
Bristish Wild Flowers Plate 3