Elementor #20126

(1084) Lucienne M.B. Kleisen – Rotating Axes

About this artwork
Price: 95 EUR

Time plays a big role in modern societies. Especially Western societies tend to see time as something there is not enough of, trying to cram in more and more activities into the same finite amount of time. Measuring time in a linear way is a typical human activity though. No other animal is ever worried about time: how much they have of it, how fast it goes, if they used it wisely and productively, if it will run out before they want to. Having different time zones may seem natural to us now, but it is just something someone made up at one point in (Greenwich Mean) time. The time the earth takes to rotate around its axis and to travel around the sun became the base for measurements. But what if the globe had several axes, burning like lava, all turning the earth at their own pace? Would time become a different concept?

About Lucienne

I am a third year art student, focusing on painting, drawing and mixed media. I work very intuitively, and impressionism and expressionism describe my work best. I prefer working en plain air, or from memory, focusing on the feeling a specific place or moment in time has for me and the impression it makes or made on me. This can then be expressed both figuratively or abstractly. Photos can be an inspiration for new work though, especially photos I took during my extensive travels around the world, or in either of my two home countries: the Netherlands and Australia.

Making art makes me happy, as it feels so natural and mindful. I discovered my love for visual arts only a few years ago, after many years of being involved with performing arts: I worked for a few years as a professional dancer, and I am still a singer in opera projects and chamber choir concerts (currently somewhat hampered by covid-19 restrictions). What drives me as an artist is wanting to tell stories with emotions, experiences and discovery. Seeing things that you otherwise might not see.

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Lucienne was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
On things that interest you and me -Time
Time in different cities.