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(120) Cam Michael - The Breath


About this Artwork

‘The Breath’ was inspired by my allocated page from ‘Newnes’ Pictorial Encyclopedia Volume 6
Famous Inventions and how they were evolved – What master Minds have done for the good of man.
Rays that penetrate Matter’ outlining the use of early x-ray technology. I was drawn to an illustration of the final x-ray film on the page and how the light shone through and appeared to transcend the image. I associate x-rays with medical technology that is positive and life giving and wanted to explore that association in this work. Incorporating light, and the suggestion of moment with different layers of texture. The body, moving , breathing, alive – yet that must pause and be still to be captured by film and be observed. Working digitally allows me to explore layers of transparency and transcending these however part of my process also included printing and drawing over the print, scanning and digitally drawing over my drawing.

About Cam

I am an emerging mixed media artist interested in social inclusion. I work with themes of redefining value, potential, and relationships between personal identity and perception in the spaces we inhabit.

My work is broadly informed through life experiences of disability, being a carer and support worker for others, living in Australia but growing up outside of Australia, and identifying as LGBTI. Things that are not always visible or seen as valuable by others in society. As a result I have been interested in the value of the perspective of ‘other’ and the benefits of social inclusion and new perspectives. I work with a range of different media depending which I feel best suits the project but this has included cast and fused glass, digital collage incorporating hand drawn or painted layers, sculpture with clay, wax and assemblage, small scale soft up-cycled wearable pieces, painting in acrylic and watercolours, and large scale immersive installation.

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Cam was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 6
Famous Inventions and how they were evolved – What master Minds have done for the good of man.
Rays that penetrate Matter.
Cam Michael
Digital collage with hand coloured pastel layers on archival cotton rag