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(54) Shauna Willett - Animals of Prehistoric Times - Plate 2, A Landscape


About this Artwork

With reference to the Newnes Pictorial knowledge; page ‘Animals of prehistoric Times’ I have created a number of overlay patterns from various elements of the selected animals themselves. Using the plates of the Stegosaurus, the feathers from the Archaeopteryx and Moo as well as the horn and ridge textures of the Woolly Rhinoceros and Mommoth became the material for my composition. These materials layered upon one another, creating a response in comparison to that of sedimentary rock formations, showing weathering and age, portraying a landscape created over time. With the colours from these creatures relatively unknown, I created a complimentary colour scheme, reflecting the cool blue of the reptilian skin and the warmth of the warm blooded furred and feathered ones. The result is somewhat of a playful experiment by way of seamless texturing of arbitrary surfaces from multiple manipulated images. The result is a distorted landscape of the layers of time.

About Shauna

My work is continually evolving, a mixture of abstract and figurative works of colourful patterns & strong complimentary palettes primarily and occasionally contrasted with a series of monochromatic pieces. Working across a variety of mediums, I draw my inspiration from the natural world, native tribal art, Spanish art and culture, as well as oriental art.   With a particular interest in texture and line work I delve into different art histories to borrow ideas allowing me to transform my artistic style and create a new story where ideas are fresh and reinvented. With my background in design and architecture, I have been involved in creative pursuits my entire career working as an Interior Architect., (Bachelor of Design, Int. Des) in Australia for over 15 years mostly on large scale commercial projects, her artwork now in contrast enables a new autonomy to creating, working without constraints and limitations to create unique pieces.

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Shauna was supplied with the following page from 
Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The story of the World in the days of long ago.
Animals of Prehistoric Times 2.
Shauna Willett
Mixed media
$350 AUD