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(23) Carolyn Roberts - Hedgerow Imagined


About this Artwork

During the early days of lockdown, whilst struggling to accept that I was trapped in Melbourne for the foreseeable future, desperately wanting to be in my other life in France, my Door to Door project page arrived in the post.
British Wildflowers; the same flowers that flourish in the hedgerows around my house in Normandy.
In this work I am mindful of the yearning and nostalgia for the familiar landscape of home, felt by the migrant, the displaced, the exiled and the dislocated.
My usual method of working is to draw from life, but here I have had to reimagine and remember what is unfolding in spring on the other side of the world, by reworking my previous studies of wild flowers. There is a layer, a barrier of time and distance between me and the subject matter.
I am also thinking of the fact that nature, of course, carries on regardless and cares not whether we are present to experience, observe and document it.

About Carolyn

My studio practice can be described as multimedia. Having worked in ceramic sculpture, installation, mixed media and photography; most recently I have returned to my first love of watercolour and drawing as the most suitable medium for my current work.
My concerns as an artist have always been subjective and revolve around questions of identity, dislocation and sense of place. I am also interested in time and memory, The concept of circular time seems very relevant when living in a rural environment.
Now I find myself living half of each year deep in the countryside of Normandy, and the other half in urban Melbourne. My latest works are in response to these two very different environments. In particular I am thinking of a moment in time and being witness to the passage of time.
Informed by, but without the constraints of scientific and botanical illustration, these works examine the small things that together make up the whole.

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Carolyn was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The Wonders of Plant Life in Forest,Field and Garden.
British Wild Flowers Plate 4.
Carolyn Roberts
Watercolour on paper
$400 AUD