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(21) Wendy Grace - Mapping with Lawrence


About this Artwork

The Delta region and desert have inspired artists for centuries. The illustration plates provided to me taken from Newne Pictorial knowledge, The first steps in geography presented 12 plates of geographical terms. I I was immediately drawn to the desert and delta plate descriptions. I think it was the olden style of the images that reached into my memory of the first sighting of the Arabian desert many years past. A vision etched in my memory of the desert landscape – a vast expanse of red dunes that seemed to stretch to the end of the earth. Looking at the plate of the desert and the Delta the ancient caravan routes came to mind and the world’s of the Arab and Indian cultures, scorching hot deserts and mountains of sand with green Oasis all fuel my imagination and the creation of this work, Mapping with Lawrence.

The mystique of The Orient and the images it evokes reach beyond the imagination to legends of the Queen of Sheba, Lawrence of Arabia and of course Alibaba which has inspired stories and paintings throughout history.

About Wendy

My work recalls the familiar organic patterns found in the landscape I’m interested in the rhythms of nature the cyclic changes that occur in the landscape and the transition of abstract and ephemeral shapes and colours that transpire in this process. Compositions of colour, pattern and texture tell tales of organic life, layers of aqueous paint that run pool and bloom forming evocative shapes that dance between he familiar and the unknown.

My choice of materials and working process are essential aspects of the work. working with watercolor on paper has allowed me to evoke a sense of nature in the materiality of my work. The fragility of paper is evident in the painting process when fluid paints pull on the paper surface creating a tension a tightness of the paper fibre that contrasts with a relax fibres of the damp pools of paint. A juxtaposition that parallels with nature’s cyclicality it’s fragility and strength.

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Wendy was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 9
The first steps in Geography.
Geographical terms – plate 1.
Wendy Grace
Acrylic ink on paper
$80 AUD