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(99) Alissa Duke - How This Book was Built


About this Artwork

The title of the page ”How This Book Was Built” immediately brought to mind images of the traditional tools that have been used in bookbinding. Books have been “built” in one form or another throughout history. These drawn images highlight the skill involved in the historic-artistic craft of bookbinding. These tools are used in one of the final stages that bring together the words printed on the page. Books have an essential place in enabling knowledge and ideas to be dispersed and preserved in society.
This mass produced book Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge 1950’s Encyclopedia, was printed in the 1950s for a wide audience. The black and white photograph is of an etcher creating an illustration for a page in the book. By printing the page in faded sepia and drawing on the paper with the subdued tones of the watercolour pencil colours. By using these I have hinted at an earlier time.

About Alissa

I am a watercolour pencil artist. I have been using watercolour pencils since 2008 and I have become familiar with their characteristics as they allow me to blend and layer and to provide rough texture or fine detail to bring out the character of the object I am drawing. I draw daily, documenting everyday events, objects and travels in my life. Some are quick sketches on location and others are slower studied drawings. I use watercolour pencils to draw subjects from the natural world, such as feathers, eggs, leaves and insects. I also draw objects from everyday life including food, coffee cups, books or toys. The subjects are personal and individual and often nostalgic and with a character of their own. I enjoy closely observing an object as I draw it and then allowing people to experience that same enjoyment as they observe my drawing. As a librarian, I love books: to read, to draw and to draw in.

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Alissa was provided the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 6
What Masterminds have done for the good of Man.
How this book built
Alissa Duke
Watercolour Pencil. Original art scanned and printed Fabriano 200 gsm Watercolour Paper
$120 AUD