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(67) Evelien Heyning - .. and time stopped


About this Artwork

Clocks, clocks and clocks … the role of them had taken a twist during lockdown. The calendar on the wall which was usually filled with times has suddenly gone blank. Plenty of space in the squares … no numbers. The clock in the hallway, the one on the oven and the oldie on the mantel are hardly used anymore. The one in the corner of my computer screen however has been glanced at more than ever.
Iconic hands of clocks around the world will only be seen by a few who are able to venture out on the streets for trips to the local supermarket or necessary travel. If these hands stop .. will they be missed? Will they walk out due to an unprecedented decrease in popularity and will they be forever taken over by phone & computer digits? Let’s hope not! I’m looking forward to seeing the shapes of numerous wonderfully designed and crafted hands going round and round and gently reminding me that time is still running.

About Evelien

Evelien is an emerging artist who loves distinct lines, geometric shapes and bold colours. Passionate about screen printing and loving other printing techniques. Printing on different materials, repeating shapes to form patterns on small to XXXL surfaces. Bold use of a limited colour pallet and attempting to add a little fun and lightness to the prints and designs. After participating in a variety of courses at different art centres across the globe and setting up a t-shirt printing business she decided to fuel her art love and skill development by enrolling at the Fine Art course at Curtin University in Perth. A wonderful environment to learn, be inspired and to get connected with other artists who selected this path on the journey of becoming the artist they want to be. Selecting units with a strong emphasis on studio work to discover new techniques, ways of translating ideas into images and spending lots of hours experimenting, refining, combining, discovering and most of all enjoying being surprised by prints that roll out of the press or which appear after lifting the screen.

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Evelien was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia
Volume 9
Industries that serve our everyday needs.
Time Recorders of the past and present.

Evelien Heyning
$120 AUD