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(1112) Jonni Ekdahl - Spider eats bird(s)


About this artwork

I got a picture from the Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia

Volume 1The story of animal life – Creatures of the land, air and sea

A Spider that eats birds. a spider eating a bird,
Oboy, how fun, well i was thinking a bit over this motive, I am not used to create by order.
I don’t like spiders eating birds either.
Well I entered into my bubble wondering where it would take me this time, after a couple of hours the motive became more clearly…so one hen after another was entering the paper, blood, wine screams and colours was mixed up within this A4 paper piece. I do hope that there is someone in the audience, who cares for animals, especially birds, and will not judge me for creating this. 

About Jonni

I’m a self taught painter and I like colours and surrealistic motives.
I have been drawing and painting since I was young, now im older and still painting.
My art is totally free from rules and I like the unexpected when I’m painting.
I generally never have a motive or plan in my head when I start a painting, I let the brush do the talking with bright colours and fine lines. after a few strokes with the brush i have left this world and entered the bubble of creation, where everything is possible and funny. It can go hours on the clock, but in my bubble , time stands still.
People often says that my paintings gives them a smile, so I\\\\’m happy with such comments. Making people happy is a gift i want to nourish as it also gets myself in the same mood. 

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Jonni was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The story of animal life – Creatures of the land, air and sea.
A Spider that eats birds.
Jonni Ekdahl
gouache and paper
167 EUR