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(1033) Lon Lee - Mounting the Bones of a Dinosaur


About this artwork

What is left behind a living being once walked the earth 76 million years ago, for human beings to find, are the fragments of existence, traces of the truth that somewhere in time who was there, existed. A floral celebration of life, from the ancient reptiles to the modern day human being, we are all connected through life and death. We are born from dust and shall leave as dust again.

This particular artwork is created for the Door-to-door project – Art in the time of Covid-19. The Mounting the Bones of a Dinosaur – the age of reptiles, is a page taken from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge 1950’s Encyclopaedia. The artist was inspired and drawn to the beautiful lines and symbolism of the historical skeletons in this vintage image. By adding ink lines and digital painting that mimics the shapes of the rib cage and spine, it forms the structure of the artwork and the painted floral motifs represent life which brings colours to the whole concept.

About Lon

Lon Lee is an art director, illustrator and painter based in London. She has a distinctive split style of works, one colourful and joyful children’s illustrative art, many of her works recorded or reflected the artist’s own life, as an imaginative illustrator, an adventurous traveller, and a friend who wishes to inspire others with joy. Behind those vibrant colours lies her inborn sensitivity towards hues and beneath the cross-hatching is her characteristic care for details. Embracing both her colourful and monochromatic natures, the artist continues to dance between spontaneous symphonies and reminiscent requiems.

The Skeleton series, produced by Lon Lee is a mix medium of ink line work, digital and oil paintings. The detailed line works and realistic flower motifs are tensile and supple, communicating the complexity and connection about truth and afterlife through art. When it comes to ambience and mood of the drawings, skeletons are not at all deadly or miserable, but a suave, debonair, and charismatic figure which celebrates life and existence as a whole.

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Lon was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
The story of the World in the days of long ago.
Mounting the Bones of a Dinosaur – the age of reptiles
Lon Lee
Mix Media & Digital Painting
290 EUR