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(189) Marina Chamberlain-Son of the Puszta


About this Artwork

The focus of this painting is a proud Hungarian cowboy pictured here in traditional dress.
Formerly a semi-nomadic herdsman of the Hungarian puszta, or Great Hungarian Plain, these days he is employed in national parks to preserve this part of Hungary’s heritage
.When I saw his image I felt an affinity with him, alone on his horse, and enduring the hardship of a rugged nomadic lifestyle, spending months in isolation, with only his horse and cattle for company. He is strangely symbolic of my predicament, and that of people the world over today, enduring enforced isolation as we navigate through covid 19.
Deeply engrained in the country’s cultural memory, he is seen in this artwork as through a window into the past. I have used collage and acrylic paint to evoke the nostalgia of a bygone era in a faraway country, seen through the prism of time and the imagination.

About Marina

I have always had a passion for art and pursued this interest whenever work and family would allow. In New Zealand I was for some years a specialist art teacher for schoolchildren, and attended art workshops and courses whenever I could.
My process involves layering acrylic paint with other mark-making mediums. Together with a selection of collage elements I am able to give complexity and depth to the surface of the work, always with an eye on colour and texture.
This intuitive process gives me the freedom to express my subjects creatively through memory and the imagination. One element will inspire the next, culminating in a harmonious work that captures the spirit of the subject, be it a landscape, a concept or a vase of flowers.
I also enjoy exploring analogue collage using images from vintage magazines, books and found street posters. These enable me to create disjointed compositions of the quirky and the beautiful. I love the surprises and the humour inherent in this art form, and its potential for social commentary. A collage composition will sometimes form the basis for my mixed media paintings.

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Marina was supplied with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 4
The story of the world and it’s peoples.
A son of the Puszta
Marina Chamberlain
Collage with acrylic paint on A4 300gsm watercolour paper
$200 AUD