Door to Door (UK & Europe) – Virtual Exhibition

17 August, 2020 to 31 October, 2021
24 Hours
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About Door to Door:

In March at the beginning of lockdown, we invited Art Aviso Artists to be part of Art Aviso event Door to Door (Art in the time of COVID-19 or Art from isolation). This project began in Australia and has now been opened to Art Aviso Artists based in the UK & Europe.
Artists were supplied via email with a page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge 1950’s Encyclopedia (Edited by Enid Blyton) selected at random, which was to form the basis of an artwork to be exhibited at some time on the other side of the Pandemic. The  page could act as inspiration for the colours, forms, texture, feeling or as a research starting point to dive down the rabbit hole!  Artworks could be any medium but needed to be created on paper of A4 size and remain unframed. 

When this project began there was no end plan for the output of the artwork, in fact it was very difficult to plan anything, it just felt important to be creating something together - apart.

What happened was, that we were inundated with requests to join the project, and as it began to unfold and the works started coming in with their accompanying stories, it became apparent that collectively the artworks were forming something special. Over 200 Artists are currently part of this project and exhibition event.

The first phase of this exhibition will take place as an evolving and growing virtual exhibition which displays the finished artwork alongside the page that the artists were supplied for inspiration, and will culminate in a physical exhibition in September 2021 at our partner Gallery in Berlin, LiTE-HAUS Galerie + Projektraum

(The Australian based physical exhibition will take place in February 2021 at No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne).

Artworks will be offered for pre-sale with the understanding that they will not be physically available until after the September 2021 exhibition.

For all sales enquiries, please complete the pre-sale expression of Interest form HERE

Pictured Images:

Left: Anthony Carey 2020, 'Alexandra,The Keystone'.

Right: Newnes' Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia, Volume 9, On things that interest you and me. A stone Key.

You can view the Australian Door to Door Project - Virtual Exhibition HERE