Daniel Garbade

Daniel Garbade (Spain)

Title: People of the mask
Medium: ink,acrilic,print
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 200 

The emblem of the last 2 years of the covid pandemic is probably the surgical mask. This work depicts one of the masks we started to wear, but it also depicts what’s underneath: Hope to be safe, the sadness of loss, consternation during this period. Painted in black and white in shapes like papercuts to show our fragility, and with figures like the Etruscan drawings, to remind us that it is part of our history. We see an assembly of people in loss but also in triumph, triumph to have survived, and helped others in the achievement to have found a vaccine.

Daniel Garbade is a Swiss visual artist living in Spain. He started his career as an art director and d prop-Manager in the Film Industry working alongside Fred Zinnemann or Yves Boisset. Since the early eighties, he is dedicated to his art in painting, drawing, photography, and also sculpture. For the latter, he was recently commissioned to do the grave plate for the Tomb of Mikhail Bakunin in Bern. His work in mixed tecniques is about humans, teir relations, their enviroment, made with Photography or drawing usually on big size canvases.He has been shown in Galleries and Artfairs worldwide.