Curator Collaborator

Art Aviso – Curator : Collaborator

Are you a curator, artist curator and/or art superstar ?

Art Aviso is looking for experienced curators who would love to work with our Art Aviso Artists and help build and nurture the Art Aviso community.

If you have an outstanding idea for an exhibition/project and would like to Collaborate with Art Aviso in seeing that project realised – we want to hear from you!

How does an Art Aviso collaboration work?

At Art Aviso, we love providing opportunities for our art community, and seeing exciting exhibitions and projects come together. In 2021 we began to expand our projects to include the international art community and by expanding the initiation of projects to external artists and curators we hope to continue to grow our community and the opportunities it provides.

Previous Art Aviso projects include:

1.5 Degrees – Forty-Five Downstairs Gallery – Melbourne, Australia.

Vitroform – Lord Coconut Collaboration – Melbourne, Australia

Caravan – Tacit Gallery – Melbourne, Australia.

Pause Button – Auction Rooms Gallery – Victoria, Australia.

Elsewhere & Other Places – Online.

The Door to Door Project – No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia & Lite-Haus Gallery Berlin, Germany.

The Garden of Loss & Triumph – No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, Australia and NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

We would like to engage curators who are bursting with great ideas, to further the reach of the Art Aviso community globally, and bring fresh and exciting ideas to fruition.

  • You tell us about your idea for a group project or exhibition using our online submission form, provide the details (where, when, how…) 
  • Submit a simple budget (including a fee for your work and time) and send it through. 
  • Our A Team will evaluate your idea, probably ask you some questions about it and then make an assessment about whether we think it’s going be a viable project.
  • Art Aviso will then help with stuff like:
  • Creating a submission structure and process.
  • Promotion
  • Administration functions, emails, FAQ, Online Catalogue.
  • Problem solving and solutions
  • Venue communication 
  • Advice and support.
  • Financial Assistance
As each project will be unique – the level of support will be designed and tailored to each individual project.

We can’t collaborate on all projects submitted, and so will be looking for ideas that have great potential for audience reach and also provide a wonderful opportunity for the greatest engagement of Art Aviso Artists.

Your capacity to design a project with these elements in mind, within a viable budget and utilising great venue partners will help in the success of your project submission. 

Projects can be small or big, online or in the real world, in your local community or somewhere else.

Scan the QR code below to begin the initial submission (or just to have a look at the beginning if the process)