Christopher Sheils

Christopher Sheils –

Title : Fly with immagination

Medium: Digital Photography

Dimensions : 60cmx60cm

About the artwork:

My proposal wants to symbolize the great need to fly elsewhere that each of us has matured in this time of global pandemic, to escape the restrictions we impose on ourselves for the common good.
I wanted to do it using something that was also the testimony of the difficulties in doing it and the fragility of this desire.
I then thought of a butterfly, but it couldn’t be any butterfly … everything magically took shape when I saw the shape of this beautiful and graceful red cabbage leaf …

About Giuseppe:

Giuseppe is a curious of life with idealistic tendencies and a fighter. Someone who believes that shadows are the necessary contrast to enhance the light. Someone who always tries to keep aligned what he lives with what he feels. Giuseppe is a lover of nature, of silence, of landscapes (rural and urban) and of beauty hidden in small things. Consequently, my photography would like to communicate introspection, silence, solitude, essentiality, beauty, fragility and joy. No matter the technique or the subject, for me the important thing is to convey a message that I hope will always turn into a dialogue.