SOL GALLERY 420 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, VIC, 3065


Exhibition dates. 1st – 12th Nov, 2023
Opening Reception : Thursday 2nd Nov 2023, 6:00 – 8.30pm

  • SOL GALLERY 420 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, VIC, 3065

Chandeliers have been used for centuries as a symbol of luxury and elegance in homes and public buildings of significance. Early Chandeliers were made of wood or iron but over time chandeliers became more elaborate and were constructed of more decadent materials, precious metals, glass, mirrors or adorned with reflective crystals. Originally used to illuminate castles and palaces chandeliers eventually became included in grand homes as symbols of wealth and status…

Art Aviso Artist are collaborating to create a ‘Chandelier’ – an evolving global art installation project, exploring the themes of excess, decadence, overuse, and wastefulness by the collective construction of a ‘chandelier’ made by connecting small three-dimensional artworks into a hanging installation artwork of recycled and repurposed materials, including items from previous Art Aviso projects and Skunk Control’s trash.

Core Artists:

Paula McLoughlin

Jo Roszkowski

Michelle Kurth

Jacinta Maude

Denise Keele-Bedford

Jennifer Baird

View details about individual works HERE

Thanks to Skunk Control for letting us use their trash and Hayley Haynes for her curatorial input.