celosiafields COMPASS


Title: The Monk & The Nun
Medium: Film
Dimensions: 16:9 Aspect Ratio; 3840×2160 Resolution
Price: POA

“The Monk & the Nun,” is a captivating performance that delves into complex interplays between internal and external environments. With artistry and finesse, the unnamed performer immerses themselves into the intricate landscape of trinity represented by the symbolic personas of “The Monk”, “The Nun” and “The Space”. These personas unravel hidden truths for the performer about them as well as the surroundings they are engaging in.

Guided by the evocative musical composition, the performer embodies the essence of these opposing forces, exploring their conflicting dynamics with unwavering commitment. Through exquisite movements and nuanced expressions, they navigate the intricate web of emotions and experiences that arise from the interaction between these contrasting characters.

A climatic reveal toward the performance’s culmination sets the stage for a profound abstract realization.

As the pieces of the narrative puzzle fall into place, a hidden reality is exposed, placing each viewer in respective seats within the performance.

About celosiafields:
celosiafields is a multidisciplinary emerging artist that blends elements of experimentation, sustainability, discovery, and artistry. Drawing inspiration from the symbiosis, celosiafields repurposes their experience into a quantifiable mechanic, carefully orchestrating immersive experiences that invite the audience to engage with their conduits of ideas.

At the heart of celosiafields’ practice is sound and a deeply rooted desire to challenge and explore the more boundless aspects of it. Their compositions seek authenticity in sonic expression by crossing multiple modalities of sound and genre.

In 2023, celosiafields returns with “Newletter” which is a 13-part project that coalesces classical themes with electronic symphonics and multimedia installations.