Beatrice Magalotti & Amy Caterina

Beatrice Magalotti & Amy Caterina (Australia & USA)

Title: Globetrotter 2021
Medium: Embroidered thread and fabric on linen.
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$200

Inspired by a photograph of Beatrice’ Magalotti’s daughters taken on a family vacation in Marlo, Victoria at the mouth of the Snowy River in 2001, these 2 fibre submissions use embroidery and photography to explore grief and joy, an interplay of hand stitching and plastic polaroids that share a narrative. The two young girls in the original photograph are now young women taking on the world.

Work completed by Amy Caterina and Beatrice Magalotti.
Amy and I met in Iceland in 2018 and have continued a dialogue relating to our art practices.
Due to the pandemic and not being able to meet we decided to collaborate on art works whenever possible
I am a Melbourne based artist currently working mainly in bronze, Amy is an American photographic artist.