Arabella Strachan

Arabella Strachan-

Title : Radial

Medium: Silk, wool, cotton, lurex

Price : AUD 180

National Graphic 
Volume CIII
Number One

About the artwork:

This artwork is inspired by the fuzzy image of Mars (The National Geographic Magazine Volume CIII Number One January 1953) that was so groundbreaking for its time and speaks of fantastical ideas and imaginings that we had about what far away planets could be like. This artwork dreams up some strange imagined topographical map of the planet and the waves of colour reaching the telescope as spoken about in the image article. That concept of colour waves used to percive different distances or shapes or surfaces really appealed to me and was a major thought in making this work. Never working in grey scale as an artist I took that to the extremes with the bright palette that oozes of optimism and brighter days with the bright blue being the starting point for this piece which then evolved from there. The gold threads add sparkle to the cosmic theme and reach out from the work with irregular loops.

About Arabella:

Arabella is a textile and fibre artist living in Melbourne, with a textile and fashion design background. Growing up in the Steiner system Arabella had an early introduction into many craft techniques, and has rediscovered many over the years in her art practice.
Coming from a design background she has recently rediscovered the pleasures and satisfaction one gets from making things by hand. Working with a rug tufting machine embraced after discovering the craft of needle tufting which has the feel of painting and sculpting with yarn and yields many interesting surfaces. Her Inspiration comes from the landscape, the natural world and macro and micro worlds all around.
Craft based art has always been a passion and she happily connects to this tradition of women making and crafting in her family. Her current collection of works are a playful experiment with colour and texture informed by the earth’s visual texture and colour when seen from above.