Anthony Rocha-Newton

Anthony Rocha-Newton (Australia)

Title: Loss & Triumph – the Dark & the Light
Medium: acrylic & inks on canvas
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: POA

Loss & Triumph: Loss is represented by a forlorn & hunched individual, blue in colour & weeping in the darkness. Conversely Triumph is leaping for joy surrounded by a halo of empowerment across a clean, crisp field of grass & a single, blooming, bright red flower. The juxtaposition is simple but profound in these characters within the Garden of Loss & Triumph.

Born in Western Sydney, I have always loved to draw & create since early childhood. I’ve moved through various styles and have now my style has evolved into a more kid friendly look which I am currently using to create a range of adult alcohol books “Barry Beer” which are proving wildly popular in Australia. The way I create art is usually by using pencils to get the image on paper, then I will use various markers to ink it & then finally scan it into my computer & use Photoshop & Paintshop Pro to embellish the designs with colour, texture & text. I create because I love it – it calms me & brings me joy, especially when someone enjoys my art & my style seems to elicit smiles in the young & old alike. The art I create is usually commission based having done murals for a martial arts dojo & the charity “Queen of Hearts” based in Penrith, NSW.