Anthony Carey Garden

Anthony Carey

Title: Still Here
Medium: Acrylic, hessian, cotton and gold leaf on linen
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: 350 EUR

The piece ‘Still Here’ concerns itself with the journey to acceptance of self. An acceptance of past wounds and scars, searching for a renewal through the process of healing. Past, present and future wounds, scars, bad days, good days, the failures, the triumphs, all of it, experience, a life lived.

I have always had this urge to touch things. I am fascinated with the link between the expected rather than the actual stimuli received. The mind acts as the great deceiver, often filling in gaps by merging memories, amplifying feelings and exaggerating recalled colours. Drawing from memories, I want to document questions I have for myself about, “do I know what I know?” These works have become a choreography of my life.
Creating work that can be physically and emotionally touched is a constant communication with myself, and the notion of ‘feeling’ becomes cathartic. Working primarily in acrylics and industrial adhesives, the material property of mediums is essential to me in the process. I often wonder how people manage the sensation of being able to see but not touch.