Anke Teuscher

(1180) Anke Teuscher – Beasts of Prey or Eating it all up!

About this artwork

‚Oh No‘ was my first reaction when I received the Encyclopedia page: Birds and their ways. Beaks are Birds Knives and Forks.
4 black and ugly birds of prey, even a vulture…

What sparked my creative process was the expression: knives and forks. An image of the world, arranged and served like a pizza, with a knife and a fork on either side immediately popped up on my mind.
We, the humans, are the real beasts of prey. We are destroying our planet; we are eating up our earth as if we had a second one still in reserve. Due to our insatiable greed we are finishing off our resources, our diversity of species, our livelihood. The point of no return has been reached but we still deny the responsibility for our actions and the consequences for our environment.
More than a third of all species are already threatened with extinction and the figures for some insects and birds are even worse.
Using my old (and soon banned) plastic cutlery I created a 3-dimensional piece of artwork where the earth on a black and crumbled placemat will soon be eaten up. Parts are already destroyed and missing.
Hopefully the current pandemic will help us to realize how fragile our ecosystem is.
Let’s not forget: We have no second earth up our sleeves!

About Anke

Being a mixed media collagist has the great advantage that I can use every kind of material and various techniques; basically there are no limits, no restrictions.
In order to create new and unusual Art Objects I have been experimenting in years with Glass Fusing, Photography, Painting, Ceramics, Felt, Papier-mâché, Jewellery, Woodcut, Sculpture and Verre Églomisé Technique.

Inspired by the European Tradition of “Guckkästen”, a sort of peep-box, a small peep-show cabinet showing 3-d-images, combining e.g. real images with phantasy and lots of different material.

My aim is to fuse elements of painting, photography and sculpture in order to create a new entity. I have been working intensively on this interdisciplinary approach for several years now.

I prefer small or medium squares as a harmonic picture size. It is a kind of challenge to create a completed story in a very limited space.

I love to improvise and to try out new techniques, new materials and styles.

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Anke was provided with the following page from Newnes’ Pictorial Knowledge Encyclopedia:

Volume 1
Birds and their ways.
Beaks are Birds Knives and Forks