Andrea Hughes

Andrea Hughes (Australia)

Title: The Pink House
Medium: Acrylic Paint on cloth
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$$100

“The Pink House” is an acrylic painting that has taken many forms, been washed away and added, time and time again. This reflects fragments, or traces left behind. This painting is about my grandmother Dorothy and her her little pink house she shared with me, my Mum and my brother. Our connection was and remains strong .

With a natural curiosity for the creative process Andrea’s practice is multifaceted and includes painting, sculpture, photography and installation. She is known for her joyful use of colour, layering of paint, building up surfaces often to a point where the two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional.
References to place and home often appear in Andrea’s work through the use of shapes, form, light and shadow. The viewer is invited to enter a world of reminiscences, remembering, happenings and places.
Andrea has exhibited widely, both internationally and at home in Australia. Her work is held in both international and national collections. She holds a BA in Fine Arts with Distinction and works as aGallery Manager for YSG and an art mentor for Arts Access.