Alison Robinson

Alison Robinson (Australia)

Title: The Cloth That Binds Us
Medium: linen thread, tea dye, ink,
Size: 21 x 29cm
Price: AU$245

In our current climate there has been so much loss, grief, fear and anger. Communities and families have been fragmented and torn apart. We realise the fragility of our existence as we mend and repair, no longer taking things for granted.

The pleasure of sharing a meal with family and friends, be it simple or elegant, a tablecloth is placed. This fabric may have been past down through generations, hand embroidered, treasured, a family heirloom. At times, food or tea stained, marked, mended, patched.

In this work, the fabric has been torn apart, some stitched back together, others the holes are still open wounds.
This work represents the interconnection of our lives, the cloth that binds us and the many different paths that have led us to where we are now.

Inspiration for my work is drawn from life experiences and the environment. As a textile designer and artist, concepts are researched, sketched, painted and samples are developed. Designs are built intuitively from experimentation, provoking new concepts.

I prefer to work with sustainable natural fibres, as well as recycled and other interesting materials and enjoy exploring new ideas and challenges.