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about artist subscriptions

Art Aviso is an online arts community dedicated to connecting and empowering artists, galleries and art lovers.  Art Aviso provides like-minded people, opportunities to share their work and creative ideas, helping to facilitate interaction and collaboration amongst artists, creators, galleries and institutions. Designed and developed in Melbourne, Art Aviso is a resource for artists and enthusiasts worldwide, harnessing the communicative power of the online space to draw people away from the screens to real-world events and exhibitions.

As a practising Artist and a number of years operating a Commercial Gallery in Melbourne, Australia, Beth Hulme was inspired to create Art Aviso – an online platform and resource for Artists and Galleries/Art Institutions. Seeing the limitations of conventional advertising threads for Galleries and a lack of a recognisable path for Artists to find opportunities, and form valuable collaborations and connections, Art Aviso was created.

As important as the online platform is in initiating connections, we believe that an essential element of any Artistic practice is the experience of exhibiting work in a professional, supportive Gallery/Art Institution environment and connecting with other Artists, Art Lovers and Galleries in the real world.

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How much does it cost?

Artist subscriptions are billed as 1 payment annually (see payment amount below), and enable artists to use all of the posting functions of the website and participate or submit work for Art Aviso projects and events. 100% of profit from Artist subscription goes into creating more projects and events for our subscribers.

Artist subscriptions are currently available in 4 currencies:

EURO: 29

GBP: 26

AUD: 48

USD: 32

How does the subscription work?

Subscribing to Art Aviso as an Artist enables you to build your Artist profile and become part of the Art Aviso art community, join in events and post content so we can help share it.

All subscriptions have a 7 day free trial.

If you need advice or assistance when building your profile please send us an email – we love to help!


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art aviso events and projects ...

We design and facilitate real world events in a responsive way, to address the political, environmental and economic climate we live in, and provide a platform for the art that is being made in response to our world.

Our exhibitions and events range from all participants welcome, interactive exhibitions(where we provide an instigator for the artwork) to small medium specific exhibitions, to large themed and curated exhibitions in Galleries and spaces of significance. Events are only open to Art Aviso Artist subscribers.

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