Art Aviso – 1.5 Degrees

The whirlwind of data and opinion surrounding climate change can be overwhelming; how do we form something meaningful and informative out of all of the figures, news, opinions and anxiety surrounding this topic?

Art connects us to the problem in a felt way, it encourages engagement, deep thinking, problem-solving and questioning.

The title of this exhibition (1.5 Degrees) comes from the challenge of the global community to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees (above pre-industrial levels). It is about the science of climate change, communicated in diverse and intriguing ways.

17 Artist from across Australia explore our relationship to the planet, through explorations of the juncture between science and art, and the very human response to the looming threat of climate change.

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KAREN STANDKE -Maralinga Landscape II (Taranaki)


Maralinga Landscape II – (Taranaki) is part of a new body of work: as of yet not completed or shown anywhere before, and in many ways a culmination of all the paintings I have done in this country for the last 2 decades.

Maralinga is what happens when absolute and total disregard of any consequences is shown to the land and its people, in many ways it is the apex of colonialism in its most arrogant form. It hasn’t borne real consequence for the perpetrators , as is the case with such acts of political and environmental violence.

I painted two versions of “Road to Maralinga” in 2007, two diptychs that only hinted at what Maralinga could be, as i had not yet had change to visit.
As fate would have it, “Road to Maralinga II” was included in a nationally touring show titled ” Black Mist Burnt Country” showcasing the work of several Australian Artists as well as the local indigenous community at Yulara, examining the legacy of Maralinga.

It was through ” Black mist burnt country” that I got the chance to visit Maralinga in September 2018, as well as visit the proposed nuclear waste dump sites at Barndioota and Kimba. My new body of work is based on the impressions of this trip.

This painting shows the landscape as you find it today – the site is too contaminated to camp overnight, a daunting vision of a possible future, accelerated.

Artist Statement:
Karen Standke , born 1973 in Munich Germany. Living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

Karen Standke has had a career in the arts spanning over 20 years, with exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Her work, whilst at first look an almost romantic depiction of the landscape, focuses on the areas that have suffered at times a devastating impact of human activity.The signs of these impacts can be subtle and almost beautiful in itself. Karen’s paintings are informed by thorough research into the changing face of the landscape and the impact of climate change, introduction of weeds and non native fauna and flora.There is an undeniable focus in Karen’s work on the beauty of this change and destruction – thus raising the question, how do we respond emotionally? how do we respond practically to these challenges?It is this juxtaposition that she is most interested in, informed by psychology, politics, religion and science.

PRICE: $6600


Karen Standke
Oil on Canvas
152 x 121 cm