Art Aviso – 1.5 Degrees

The whirlwind of data and opinion surrounding climate change can be overwhelming; how do we form something meaningful and informative out of all of the figures, news, opinions and anxiety surrounding this topic?

Art connects us to the problem in a felt way, it encourages engagement, deep thinking, problem-solving and questioning.

The title of this exhibition (1.5 Degrees) comes from the challenge of the global community to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees (above pre-industrial levels). It is about the science of climate change, communicated in diverse and intriguing ways.

17 Artist from across Australia explore our relationship to the planet, through explorations of the juncture between science and art, and the very human response to the looming threat of climate change.

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Warning signs are part of our life. Everyday we face them and we make decision based on them. We decide on which side we want to be, and we would have time enough to think and correct our self. Climate change is different from any other problem and we will not be able to make any decision if we keep continuing to not help our earth.
Warning signs can be our guide but if we ignore and ridicule we end up to live our life with the regret of what we have done. We will be obliged to watch helplessly what we have consciously destroyed thinking that it is always others’ responsibility.
The warning tape in the artwork is getting out and it’s invading our everyday object, our daily life. That is the effect of our decision, this is what affects our life. We are directly responsible of our oppression.

Artist Statement:
Mr.E is the pseudonym for Emanuel Sammartano, Artist, Architect and Designer born in Italy in 1983 and based in Sydney since 2015.
His passion for Art has been nourished very early in his childhood, where he learnt the art of joinery and restauration of antique furniture at his father’s workshop. His passion for classicism and its contrast with the contemporary is remarkable in many of his works.
He started his art career with public art installations in 2010. His provocative installation like CHAIR, HELP, ARK ROAD have created considerable interest and reaction from the public. He had two solo exhibitions in Sydney in the last years and he also participated to art group exhibitions and art fairs.Mr.E is a conceptual artist and his art has a distinctive style: the humour and satire are at the core of his provocative pieces that criticise the modern society.  Mr.E wants to deliver a message, he wants to create an occasion to reflect on our life, whether or not you are a fan of art. He is not interested in selling a piece of art but instead in the freedom to criticise the society and its weaknesses.
His creativity approaches different techniques like painting, digital working, sculpture, scale model, video and installation. It is not his identity that doesn’t want to be revealed but his secretive messages behind each artwork that creates the Myster.Y of Mr.E.

PRICE: $2500

Mr.E (Emanuel Sammartano)
Mixed Media
85cm X 66.5cm