1.5 Degrees – Guest Curator notes

1.5 Degrees, could not be more timely. With the natural world changing swiftly around us, there are many varied emotions and opinions mixed in with scientific evidence as we bear witness to what is happening. 

This exhibition aims to reflect the many varied perspectives of a changing climate, and highlight the raw experiences of artists from across Australia. 

With over 120 submissions, many complex issues surrounding the climate emergency were apparent. These included themes of temperature, time, fear, the impacts on flora and fauna, bushfires, floods, anticipation of the future, use of resources, sea levels rising, plus much more. 

Artworks selected were chosen for their unique perspective and contribution to the discussion of climate change, along with the quality in the execution of their work. It was also intentional to select works across a range of mediums with the exhibition including printmaking, video, installation, drawing, sculpture, glass, textiles, photography, and painting. 

Through the collection of artworks presented as part of 1.5 degrees, we hope that this exhibition will not only be an opportunity to reflect on what is unfolding, but also inspire conversations of hope, resilience, community and a willingness to be involved in creating a future that we can all believe in.

Autumn Tansey